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Our Elders

Our congregation is cared for by our group of Elders. Elders are men designated by the church body to oversee the administration of the church duties, and serve the spiritual needs of the members.

Friendswood Christian School

Friendswood Christian School is a wonderful part of our church family. The school provides the community a place for children to be loved, nurtured, and educated for working families.


Our teachers are carefully selected and trained to work with children 6 weeks to age 5. The learning environment is carefully prepared indoors and outdoors for our students to learn and explore through play. Our students learn to acquire physical and cognitive skills with our hands-on (play) approach to state approved curricula and Bible.


We want our students and their families to come away from our interactions with a love for Christ!

Contact Friendswood Christian School at (281) 482-4087.

Image by Priscilla Du Preez

Christian Counseling Center

The Friendswood Counseling Center is here to help those hurting.

The Center is committed to provide professional Christian counseling that is confidential and affordable. Our counselors are active Christians who are committed to the use of Biblical and Faith principles in the counseling sessions. Each client’s personal beliefs are respected.

Counseling for Individual, Family and Marriage Counseling to help these issues:

  • Grief, Anxiety, Stress & Depression

  • Family Conflict, Marital Difficulties, Parenting Problems

  • Spiritual Struggles, Religious Questions


We look forward to walking with you as we help you heal.

Phone (281) 482 - 3882


We Support Our church responds to our great call to "love your neighbor as yourself". Many of our members are active in identifying and vetting organizations that support those in special need. Those individuals might be the elderly, the sick, widows, orphans, mothers in need, or even those that are still yet unborn. We then make an effort to support those organizations with financial contributions as well as contributions of our time.


As a church, we believe all people are "wonderful works of God".


In the Community

The members of the Church of Christ in Friendswood have been and continue to be an active part of the greater community of Friendswood. School boards, city council and many boards have included our members. Over the past 40 years many of the church members have been involved in many community wide activities. The Friendswood Community Prayer Breakfast has been an important event in Friendswood! This is a close knit group of Christians who meet monthly to pray for our community and our country. We believe that as residents of this community, we have a responsibility to be active in many ways. Our active involvement is a way of showing Christ’s example to others.

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